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Tammy C's Story

  • Two Breast Augmentations

  • One Vertical Lift


I decided after losing over 80 pounds that I was very unhappy with my boobs, so I thought long and hard about having a lift and getting implants. I also had 2 children and breast feed both kids and my boobs were not the same as when I was 18 years old.  So I decided with my husband help that I would have surgery. I ended up going on my 1st consult to Beverly Hills Physicians very nice office staff was very sweet and helpful, Dr Chiu is the sweetest plastic surgeon you will every meet he spent over 2 hours talking with me and my husband.

A few days later I went on another consult and from the moment I walked in their office I could tell Dr Chiu would be my plastic surgeon.

I had my first surgery on Feb 12th 2008, it was over 6 hours long everything seemed to turn out right, I ended up going with 590 cc saline under the muscle. I was in my 3rd or 4th week and my incision from where they did my lollipop lift completely spilt open it was awful. My plastic surgeon told me to keep it clean and apply a special gauze pad eventually it healed but it left me with an ugly scar.  After talking with my plastic surgeon Dr Chiu he decided to do a scar revision on my one breast and I had developed a lot of scar tissue and I also wanted to go larger. We scheduled my surgery for July 16 2008. 

I had my surgery to have my scar revised and scar tissue removed and they changed my implants out for 850 cc this time.

It has been over 9 weeks since I have had my surgery and everything is wonderful my boobs look great and I feel like I made a perfect decision.

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