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Gayle’s Story

  • First Surgery:  Breast Augmentation and Lollipop Lift

  • Second Surgery:  Benelli Lift

  • Third Surgery:  Full Anchor Lift


After losing 75 pounds - I decided to have my breasts "fixed up".  I first had the Augmentation with the Lollipop lift.  I decided on 300/330 cc's of saline, textured implants under the muscle.  When my surgery was done originally, November 2005 - my surgeon had a lot of reconstruction to do and one of my areolas was left larger than the other.


In January 2006, my plastic surgeon did the Benelli lift with the permanent purse-string suture to even out the areolas and reduce them as well as lift my breasts up more. That left me with little lift at all and some severe puckering that she thought would resolve itself.  However, this never did. And, the areolas stretched right back out. 


Then in May of 2006, due to the puckering and significant scar tissue, she did a revision where she cut completely around the areola and removed the thick scarring then sewed it back up. Puckering was still there and so was scarring. I went back to her in September 2006 and she had seen that my boobs, again, had drooped and said she recommended the full Anchor lift. Probably what we should have done in the first place but who knew??


On my 40th birthday I had a full Anchor lift and couldn't be happier. I see no puckering whatsoever. With the Benelli the puckering was there right away. For me, even though this has been a long process, my surgeon was never satisfied with the outcome and I was only charged the anesthesia charge for my final Anchor lift.  I was lucky to have her and always felt comfortable.  I never had to say - hey, I want this fixed. She knew things weren't right and offered to fix them. I did seek another consultation though just for my piece of mind.


This has been a long process but well worth it.  My suggestions to anyone seeking cosmetic surgery would be to research, research, and research, ask questions, join forums, go on multiple consultations, and make sure you're aware of your surgeon's revision policy and ultimately, be patient and have reasonable expectations.  My mistake was researching "after" I had my surgery done.  I regret not getting slightly larger implants - but I'm okay with it. 


At almost 2 years post op - I've lost another 25 pounds and my boobs are still in good position. 


Gayle's Stats:

  • Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

  • 300ccs & 330ccs Saline Textured Implants Under the Muscle

  • Pre Op: 36C - Post Op: 36D



                        Before                                 First Surgery                     Final Surgery - Anchor Lift




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