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FoxyRoxy’s Journey

  • Breast Augmentation


So all my life I've hated my breasts but never really had enough guts to do anything about it. I started of a 34 B not to bad. Then three years ago I had my precious little boy and things went south!!


I barely breast-fed for some reason - I was doing everything right but yet the baby was always hungry.  I ended up having to supplement with formula, so that my son had enough to eat.  In the month of April 2008 - I went to buy some new bras and could not find anything.  I was now a deflated 34A!!  So my unhappy breast situation got worse! I could not stop complaining, then finally I said enough is enough and started my research with the possibility of breast augmentation.


I had booked my first consultation with Dr. Waslen - I had been told that he was the best of the best.  I met with him in May 2008, and I absolutely loved him. I then booked my surgery for August 18, 2008. While I was waiting I had a few more consultations which were closer to home - just to make sure the three hour drive was worth it.  I found out that no other plastic surgeon came close to my original impression of Dr. Waslen. 


My day finally came, and on August 18, 2008 my hubby and I made the three hour drive for my surgery.  We arrived on time for my surgical procedure.  I was feeling exceptionally anxious to have this done and over with.   The actual surgery lasted an hour and a half; and I awoke with my new “girls’!  I ended up getting 450ccs under the muscle – cohesive gel silicone – round high profile implants!  


I am now 2 months post op, and everything seems to be looking great.  The implants have dropped into place nicely and they are softening up and feel like natural breasts. I do suffer from scoliosis which has about a 45 degree curve.  Because of this, one breast falls more to the side than the other one.  Dr. Waslen did a FANTASTIC job and I am so happy I love my new implants and LOVE how everything looks on me now!!


Roksana (FoxyRoxy)


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