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Crazy Mom's Story


  • Full Tummy Tuck

  • Breast Augmentation


I am a person that has never had a great body. It really never bother me much because I felt pretty enough with out one. My stomach was never flat and I also had an “outie” belly button from a hernia that I got when I was 6 years old.  My boobs were also very small; however I was okay with that.


In college I drank lots of beer and gained a lot of weight. I struggled to loose it and for many years I gained and lost the same 20 lbs. many times.  After college I finally lost all of the weight but I fluctuated between 10-15 lbs over the years.  Both of my fantastic children were both born by c-section, which didn’t seem to help things.  I always knew in the back of my mind I would eventually have some sort of cosmetic surgery on my body. I was interested in tummy tucks for over six years. At 39 years old, I was done having children, my husband had his vasectomy and I finally was ready to start my research on tummy tucks and breast augmentation.


After about 3 months of internet research and forum reading I made an appointment with my PS. I scheduled my surgery in three weeks. I was most nervous when I made down payment. After that I waited the following two weeks in complete excitement. I wasn’t even nervous the day of surgery, just felt pure excitement. I could not wait to get rid of my belly flap.  That was the thing I hated most. The skin hung over my pubic area and it was embarrassing and disgusting.  I took before pictures and couldn’t believe how bad my boobs looked.  They were so flat and deflated. I felt sorry for my husband.


My plastic surgeon was so comforting, which helped tremendously going through this process.  I knew four of his patients and they all were extremely happy with their results from surgery. 


I had somewhat of an inner struggle within myself about even doing this procedure, as I have children and I didn’t want to feel guilty for having this done.  However, once I found this website and heard the stories, I knew I had to do it. I am so glad I made this choice.  I had a Full Tummy Tuck with muscle repair. I also was having breast augmentation done at the same time.  I ended up with 475 ccs., moderate profile, under the muscle. I was in surgery for 5 hours.  My plastic surgeon said I had a lot of scar tissue which made things difficult for him during the actual procedure.  This also contributed to a recovery that was much harder than anticipated.  I was in more pain than I expected for the first two days – however, shortly after that, the pain subsided substantially. All in all, my recovery went well.



So, do I have a great body? No. Is it MUCH better? Yes. I have curves. The most important aspect of this surgery is that I finally feel confident being naked.  My husband is ecstatic and that makes me so happy. I am so glad I didn’t wait to have this done, as I could tell in the beginning – if I wouldn’t do this now, it will forever be on my mind.  I am currently 39 years old, and in 10 more months I will reach the great age of 40.  I am currently at the gym already working on toning up.  My recovery was very uneventful.  It’s so liberating knowing I look better now at 40 than I ever did at 30!! 


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