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Chromeshadow (Alanna) 

  • Breast Augmentation


The date of my surgery took place on Oct. 25th 2006.


I had a donut lift with areola reduction along with a breast augmentation with smooth round mentor implants placed under the muscle. The implants that were used were 350 filled to 360 ccs. for both breasts.


I was always ashamed of my breasts prior to the surgery because they were small, deflated, somewhat tubular and one was a lot longer than the other and slightly larger. My areolas were also unusually large.


I felt like I would never have the opportunity to have the breast I had always dreamed of - “normal looking breasts”.


After a lot of research, saving, and carefully planning out the details, I was finally able to schedule my surgery. I remember being really nervous and anxious at my blood work appointment. I nearly fainted as they were drawing my blood. Everything just finally hit me. I was actually having this procedure that I had dreamed about for so long.  It was finally a reality!


After that I heard back from the doctor that everything was set and I was healthy the surgery was definitely a go.  I could barely sleep the night before the surgery, not to mention I had to be up and at the hospital at 5:00 am to get registered and all that good stuff.


My boyfriend and my mom were there with me in the waiting room when I was filling out all of my paper work.  I was then called into a private little room where I would change my close and then discover I got my period that very moment!  Just my luck!  Aaaah!!....nerves!


My surgeon came in a few minutes later to mark me up for the surgery and choose the areola size I wanted. I chose the average size, not sure what it is now but he said if I went any smaller I would be left with those weird wrinkles because of the lift.


After that, a nurse put an IV into my hand (which hurt like a lot) – an also had the heart monitor strapped up to me.  My mom and my boyfriend came into where I was prepped for surgery to comfort me during the time the nurses and the anesthesiologist visited me to ask all the important pre op questions.  They were all so nice and so catering.  I felt lucky to have such a great team on my side.


Minutes later they rolled me out of the little room and were taking me into the OR to have me placed on the table to be put to sleep. I only remember them giving me some anti anxiety medication because my heart was beating out of my chest from nervousness, and I was knocked out before I even made it to the OR.


The next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room slightly moaning because it was very uncomfortable.  I felt a heavy pressure on my chest and so the nurse gave me some pain medication thru my IV.


After waking up again she made me get up and go sit in a recovery room recliner.


It was so uncomfortable! And I felt pretty sick and out of it from the anesthesia for a good 4 hours.  I finally was able to go home after this time and it was so good to get into my own bed. I was instructed to sleep in an upright position to help with the swelling.


Finally I had my boobs! It was a bit painful the first few days but as each day passed, it hurt less and less.  After the eighth day I went back to work! I think I had my first post-op visit 3 days later. All in all, everything went very well.


My areolas looked sewn on and freaky at first! Like Franken-boobies!


I was even scared to look at them in the shower. I had a little bit of bruising for almost a month or so. I would get intense “morning boob” for about a month after surgery, but it only lasted a few seconds!


I loved the shape and the look of my new boobs!  Every bit of it was worth it to me!


This year on Oct 25th, 2008 - it will be my two year boob anniversary!







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