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  • Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation


I am currently 54 years old.  In 2006, I had my breast lift after waiting and wanting it for over 24 years. In 2007, a year later - to my disappointment my nipples were way too high and it was apparent that I needed to have a revision. Now one year later again, my boobs are square and my nipples are high again (not as bad as last year, but still too high).


I went back to my plastic surgeon and he has informed that my nipples are not too high and only one breast has the appearance of looking “boxy”.  The revision that was done on my scars last year are still looking really bad, so I am looking forward to getting this entire mess fixed.  Although my plastic surgeon disagrees with me, but I feel that both nipples are still too high and both breasts appear square. 


My plastic surgeon has agreed to fix my breasts, but he also informed me that I cannot come back to him with the same “issues” again.  Feeling a little bit like my plastic surgeon has abandoned me somewhat; I decided to go to my friend’s son who happens to be a plastic surgeon at Albany Medical Center.  During the consultation with the new plastic surgeon, he has recommended a complete new surgery with a reduction and to add implants for support because I apparently have very dense heavy tissue and a reduction will help round out the existing tissue.


This will mean me paying full price for this revision since I am seeking a brand new plastic surgeon to do the work.  Although I should have only had to pay for this once – revisions sometimes can mean more expense.  The surgery and healing time – plus the time off of work will end up making this new venture very expensive, however, I do want this fixed once and for all.  Ever since the first surgery with the original breast lift I have felt a need to have this surgery done right. The mirror in my home has become my enemy, and has become a constant reminder to me that this lift has never been right. 


I would suggest to all the new members here that are about ready to have breast surgery is to make sure you research your plastic surgeon’s background, and also make sure you go on at least three different consults.  Each plastic surgeon will have their own method on how to achieve the best results for you, so it is important that you listen to as many board certified plastic surgeons as possible for you to make an informed decision when picking a doctor. 


Everyone’s body structure is not the same and the quality of the tissue is not going to be the same.  Every single patient is going to have a result that will be different than yours. My original plastic surgeon is the "pioneer for breast lift surgery” and is the inventor for mastoplexy surgery.  Sadly, I feel that he has gotten too confident of his own work and has lost sight of how things can still go wrong in some patients.  There seems to be no accountability for his work. 


The most important thing to remember in getting breast implants and a breast lift that there are going to be revision surgeries later on down the line.  I thought one time would be enough for me, and I am learning that each time you have surgical procedure; there are no real guarantees on the end result.  Because complications can and do happen.  Do your research and homework before you choose your plastic surgeon; and make sure this surgery is going to be right for you.  Each time you have surgery, you are at a greater chance of having more scar tissue develop. Make sure you find out all information, first!


Thanks Bailey for all your help, support, dolls, this site, and everything. This has been my breast lift journey, and it isn’t quite over yet. I also thank God my dear husband supports me and what I want to do and is behind me 100%, as without emotional support though all of this it would make this very difficult to deal with. Emotional support from your spouse is so important.



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